Remember when this is all you needed when you sold or purchased something?

Well, those days are gone forever, Podner!

Legal contracts, for every equine transaction.  ALL proofed by an equine speciality attorney.

Keep the legal Alligators away by protecting yourself with approved legal contracts for your equine transactions or business.


(For obvious reasons not all contracts may be viewed before purchase is made.  Satisfaction is guaranteed and all contracts have been "proofed" by an Equine Attorney and are considered legal documents.)

Sale/Purchase Contract

Breeding Agreement/Stallion Service Contract

(Sample View Here)

Breeding & Transported Semen Contract (Long & short versions)

Mare Lease Contract

Boarding/Management Contract

Stallion Lease Contract

Training and/or Conditioning Contract

Foreclosure of Livestock Service Lien

Selling or Buying a Foal in Utero

Contract of Sale of Stallion or Mare with Retention of Breeding Rights

Too many to list.  If you don't see what you need, e-mail me with your request.


Contracts may be purchased using any form of payment by using PayPal

These contracts have been proofed by an equine speciality attorney however, purchaser(s) of these forms shall hold said attorney and/or Exposure Plus, Inc. harmless from any future litigation that should arise from any transaction that refers to material contained within.