By:  Nature's Wood Products

These Galileo Thermometer casings are made from already down, dried Ponderosa pine found in Central Oregon and driftwood located in Southern Oregon coastal areas.

NWP holds each and every piece by hand while a cavity is formed then they are finely hand sanded and a light coat of protectant is brushed on to bring out the luster of its beautiful wood grain.  Then finally setting the glass tube into place.

With each piece, there will never be any two alike, making these mountings a unique, one of a kind display item to compliment any home, office or as a gift.

The glass tubes are hand blown of various sizes and only stainless steel is used in the manufacture of the medallion temperature indicators.

The glass temperature indicator balls are precisely weighted to within two thousands of a gram.

The liquid inside is non-toxic.

We offer wall mounted or free standing sets.

Depending on the size of the Galileo Thermometer you wish to purchase, choices of ball colors within the glass tube are:  Multi, green, black, blue, cognac and burgundy.

Larger, multiple combination conference table sets are also available upon request. Please contact "NWP" to discuss these centerpieces.

All orders are subject to standard shipping charges plus a $2.50 handling & packing fee.

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GALILEO  GALILEI  (1564 - 1642)

Galileo Galilei was an important Italian scientist who founded mondern physics with its reliance on experience and experiment.

Among countless discoveries of natural laws, he succeeded in developing a thermometer based on the laws of phyics which states that the specific gravity of liquids changes as they expand at different temperatures.  This principal has been used in the Galileo Thermometer.

As the temperature rises, the liquid expands.  Its specific gravity decreases and the sheres sink.  The current temperature is indicated by the lowest floating sphere in the upper part of the cylinder.

The manufacturing company N.W.P. purchases the glass Galileo Thermometers from is extremely complex and the Galileos are done mostly by hand.  They calibrate each ball to achieve an accuracy of 1/2 a degree F.  They differ in weight by only two thousandths of a gram!  The temperature is indicated on stainless steel medallions and the liquid within is environmentally safe, biodegradable and ozone friendly.


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