Hannah - First Ship of "Washington's Navy"

George Washington issued the following orders to Nicholson Broughton on September 2, 1775. “You being appointed a Captain in the Army of the United Colonies of North America, are hereby directed to take Command of a Detachment of said Army and proceed on board the Schooner Hannah, at Beverly, lately fitted out and equipped with arms, ammunition & provisions at the Continental expence.”.” Thus the General set in motion sea operations to capture British supply ships sailing with impunity into Boston Harbor and to divert precious cargos of munitions and provisions to the needy Continental troops. Ultimately, “Washington’s Navy” of 7 small schooners and 1 brigantine, manned by New England mariners, captured 55 enemy ships.

Mr. Thomas Hershey, who was the Master Ship Builder for the United States Navy prior to retiring, has built many famous ship models to exact scale over the years as a hobby. His job in the Navy Department was to make models of proposed new Navy ships that the Navy was considering building to test those ships to be able to perform to the Navy’s high standards.

Mr. Hershey’s professionalism at his craft was highly sought after by the establishment. What makes this model of the Hannah so unique is that it’s the only one of it’s kind made by Mr. Hershey, and to the best of my knowledge, no one has built this same model of the Hannah.

What makes this Hannah so valuable, is that shortly after Mr. Hershey completed this model in 1984, he passed away.

What comes with this model is a copy of all the billing and drafts in 1775 for the construction of the Hannah.

It took Mr. Hershey over 1100 man hours to build this ship.

Enclosed in a glass case and sitting on a natural driftwood table. Case dimensions are: 55” long, 38” tall & 20 1/2” wide.

Ship dimensions are: 36” tall, 51” long & approx. 9” wide.

Wooden plank mounted on the bottom reads: Schooner Hannah, 1775, First armed vessel in American service. Scale: 1/2” = 1’. Thomas Hershey, 1984.

Asking price of: $30,000.00 OBO
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