John Wayne Walking Stick

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This unique walking stick was carved for Mr. Wayne and presented to him on the movie set of "The Big Trail".  The freeform cane is 48" in length and the hand piece is in the shape of a camels head and is approx 7" x 7".  The cane has raised, carved letters on one side that reads "Scottie - The Big Trail - June 3, 1930" and on the other side, "Jackson Hole, Wyo."

The man who carved this piece, Scottie, was the horse wrangler on the movie set.  The cane has been signed by everyone who participated in the making of the movie.  There are 68 legible signatures and among them are:  John Wayne, "Duke" Morrison, Ward Bond.  A list of the names will follow on this page.


Asking price is $30,000.00 (Very much less than the appraisals.) OBO

This piece has been kept wrapped and protected from sunlight and has no damage.

Photos other than posted on this page upon request.

Names appearing on the cane (several are not on this list as they are not legible)

John Wayne, Ward Bond, Duke Morrison, Sid Bowen, Fred Geisse, Janito King, Maybelle Reichart, David Rollins, Hal G. Evarts, Jack Dawn, Frederik Burton, Charles Stevens, Mary Boyle, Tully Marshall, Walter Facon, Arte Ortego, Anita Brown, Pete Lin, M. Evans, Dorothy Parr, Betty Nagel, Sol Halprin, Mrs. Sol Halprin, H.R. Hill, Jack Padjah,
Bonnie Padjah, Sophie  Clutz, Doris Bates, Keith Wilson, J.H. Taylor, Carrie Stevenson, Lucille von Lent, Gertrude von Lent, Andy Shuford, Ona Shuford, Buck Bucko, Roy Bucko, Ethel Wade, Y. Kunde, Pat Malone, S. Amundsen, Dick Beard, Jack Walker, Bud Timmons, B.B. Beasley, Alton S. Hawhan, T.G. Winegar, O.P. Sparkman, C.E. Fesler, Mae Fesler, J.A. Butler, Nita Soloman, Harold Mills, J.D. Templeton, Dick Winger, Tommy Pleu, Geo. Busch, Russel Powell, Jess Wentt, Jimmy Frances, Theresa Jones, Blackie, Bud Fischer, Roy Terri, Bob Page, Cliff Snyder, Dorothy Abril.